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Tools for the Potter

Keyed Plaster Bat Molds
for the Wheel

The Pure and Simple Bat System allows you to make plaster bats simply and economically. And with the Quick-Release, your bats will be instantly centered and secure.
  • •No wear
  • •No wobble

Slumphump Molds
for the Hand-Builder

Our drape molds for hand building are reversible!
You can add a foot from your Hump mold or shape the rim from your Slump mold.

Flat Bottom SlumpHump Molds

Curved Bottom SlumpHump Molds

"The locking system is a godsend for my work."
-Jamil Scherief, Oasis Pottery (Seattle, Washington)

"They are easy to use and produce consistent, professional results."
-Melinda Kipp (Sacramento, California)

Imagine the possibilities!

Uniform dinnerware is a breeze when you throw, jigger or hand build on our Hump molds.

Our domed bat molds allow you to throw lids & plates complete at one sitting - eliminating trimming & cutting your work in half!

Check out our "Customizing" section and see how easily you can change the contour of your bats, or add a pattern and then repeat your design again & again.


Whether you like to work right side up or upside down, you'll love our line of Hump molds for the wheel and our SlumpHump molds for hand building.