Quick Look at the SlumpHump Molds

SlumpHump molds are durable plastic forms that let you pour both hump and slump plaster molds quickly and easily. Available in 9 popular shapes and a variety of sizes, each plastic form features tapered walls which allow you to vary the depth of your mold simply by adding more or less plaster. You can make both a baking dish and a platter from the same mold simply by adding more or less plaster. To make a mold, mix plaster according to the formulas given and pour it into your plastic form. Each form is reversible and will create both a slump and a hump mold depending on which side of the form you fill.

These are easy to use drape molds that are indispensable to the potter interested in producing consistent, professional slab forms.

The SlumpHump is offered in both a flat and a curved bottom shape.

Available Shapes

Featured Artist: Rocky Mann

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