Rocky Mann, Bar Harbor, Maine

YouTube: Tour Rocky Mann’s studio

"This August will mark the 43rd year I’ve been making pottery as a professional. For 23 years I made most of my work on the wheel. I knew if I kept this up it would start to take a toll on my body. When I moved to Mount Desert Island I changed my clay, kiln, glazes and the way I made pottery. I went from 70% of my time making pots on the wheel and 30% of my time decorating them to now spending 30% of my time making slabs and 70% of my time on surface decoration. Your Pure and Simple products fit into exactly what I was looking for. I now could make pottery on the wheel using slabs over molds or using slabs in slump molds. This gave me what I was looking for, a clay canvas that could be made in a semi- production process."

Mark Williams, South Haven, Michigan

Mark uses our #2 Lid/Bowl mold Shown here is his 11" inch bowl. Mark decorates a slab using stamps, inlaid slip, stencils, and slip trailing. After decorating, he drapes the slab over our #2 bat mold or the 18" bowl. With the Quick-Release option, Mark can easily attach the bat to the wheelhead and throw the foot.

Craig Rhodes, Brookport, Illinois

Craig uses the 18" Bowl mold for his Mandala bowls.

Elizabeth Russell, Forestville, California

 "I LOVE  your mold system! So easy to make and use.  Your plaster recipes are perfect. It has saved me so much time and enabled so many beautiful pieces. THANK YOU!"

Michael Kifer, Richland, Michigan

 Michael uses our #2 Lid/bowl mold to create the base for the pieces on the left and right. For the trays he chose the Oblong.

Connie Pike, High River, Alberta, Canada

 Connie designed, decorated and jiggered* these place settings using the dinner plate molds (see our Jiggering page).

Jamil Scherief, Seattle, Washington

 Jamil uses the 18 inch platter to produce his crystalline glazed platters. He says that “the locking system is a godsend for my work.”


John Dodero, Jacksonville, Oregon


 John uses our Bowl and Platter molds to create multiple replicas of his high-relief designs.

Alfred Hering, Aubinges, France


Alfred uses the SlumpHump molds to produce a line of serving pieces for commercial restaurants throughout Europe.

Jon Loer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

 ‘I have two of your molds already and they work great! The directions you provide for creating custom molds provide additional freedom for customizing.’

Melinda Kipp, Sacramento, California

‘These molds are easy to use and produce consistent, professional results.’

Nancy Zoller, Loveland, Colorado


Marilyn Higgins, Leawood, Kansas

Barbara Mutton, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Barbara is in her 80’s and still going strong. She started out as a painter and only took up pottery in her retirement years. As you can see here she has combined her skill with the brush with her clay work. The Large and Medium Deco, Large and Small Rectangle and the Dinner Plate are shown here.

Lambeth Marshall, Waxhaw, North Carolina

"Using these molds has saved me a lot of time and they have increased my margin of profitability."


Student Work, Savannah, Georgia

Ceramic Tableware Design Course at Savannah College of Art and Design

Zach Dietrich, Moosejaw, Saskawan, Canada

Zach does everything from hand building to jiggering using our molds.